All-Ukrainian Innovation Ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine" (SCU) is an open innovation ecosystem that unites the country's institutions interested in the development of the Ukrainian innovation economy: universities, research institutions, state authorities, local authorities, business companies, foundations, and NGOs.


The organizer of the interaction of these participating institutions is the Innovative Ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge" of Igor Sikorsky KPI (hereinafter – Sikorsky Challenge KPI), which is formally established by signing Memoranda / Agreements between SCU member institutions and legal entities of Sikorsky Challenge KPI: NTUU "Igor Sikorsky KPI" and/or Innovation Holding "Sikorsky Challenge" LLC and/or Science Park "Kyivska Polytechnika" Corporation.


Vision: the Innovation Ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine" is a model and driver of high-tech innovative development of Ukraine's economy.

Mission: to develop and maintain an environment where new ideas and innovative technologies are born, startup companies and small high-tech enterprises are created that bring new hightech products and services to local, national, and global markets.


Conceptual principles of SCU

  • Universities with their scientific schools and expert environments, with a constant flow of students, graduate students, scientists, engineers, inventors are centers of innovation in various sectors of the economy;
  • The primary and always relevant task of SCU is to teach, teach and once again teach students, graduate students, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and even school students of innovative entrepreneurship and the practice of launching startups, taking into account world trends and circumstances in Ukraine regarding the mentality of the scientific and engineering community, the legislative field and the level of investor confidence in Ukraine;
  • Support and promotion of innovative technologies should take place, first of all, at the local level of cities/regions where these innovations originate, and then (or in parallel) at the national and international level;
  • SCU helps to remove barriers facing the creative part of society to create a large number of high-tech startups in all regions of Ukraine.
  • Main tasks of SCU
  • Create, develop and support startup schools based on developed (in terms of science and innovation) universities of Ukraine where the following activities take place:

- selection, training, and acceleration of startup project teams according to Sikorsky Challenge teaching techniques;

- prototyping of innovative products;

- protection of intellectual property rights;

- formation of proposals and solutions to solve technological problems identified by cities/regions and business companies in the form of R&D tasks for research groups, as well as by organizing competitions/hackathons.

  • Create and develop innovation clusters in those cities/regions where startup schools operate at the universities.
  • Conduct and participate in local, national, and international competitions of startup projects and scientific and technological developments with prospects for commercialization, and attract support for selected projects from funds of various levels (from innovation clusters of cities/regions to international venture funds).
  • Open and support as many micro and small technological enterprises as possible in all cities of Ukraine. •  Attract investments to bring the products/services of these companies to local, national, and global markets.
  • Organize cooperation with large and medium enterprises, promoting their innovative development:

- to train staff on the implementation of mechanisms of innovative development and provide consulting on these issues;

- to solve technical problems of these enterprises by executing their R&D orders in universities' Startup schools and/or by cooperation with relevant ready-made startups "grown" in the City Innovation Cluster;

- to organize communication and cooperation of enterprisesparticipants of the City/Region Innovation Cluster with the Startup schools of other cities.

  • Create, develop and maintain an integrated information platform for discussions, exchange of experience, capture and exchange lessons learned, for the implementation of solutions of existing startups, for the creation of united startup teams from different cities, as well as for cooperative advertising, marketing and PR campaigns.

You can learn more about the All-Ukrainian Innovation Ecosystem Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine (SCU), the features of the innovation projects it takes care of, the participants, the supervisory and coordination council of SCU and the main components of the ecosystem if you read the detailed concept of SCU.