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Festival Sikorsky Challenge

Призначення платежу: за навчання(І'мя фамілія) у стартап школі.
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The Startup competition will be held from August 12 to 14, 2021 within the frameworks of the Festival of Innovative Projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2021: Ukraine and the World."


The purpose of this event is to identify the most interesting and relevant projects in various fields of technology and provide the authors of the best of them with assistance in commercialization, creating successful startup companies and bringing innovative products to national and international markets.


The peculiarity of the Competition in 2020 was the online format. Selection of finalists, preparation for the Competition, performances, evaluation and determination of winners took place in asynchronous online mode. The international jury evaluate not "live" performances, but the video presentations of the finalists.


The format of the 2021 Startup Competition will depend on the pandemic situation.


Applications may be submitted untill June 15, 2021.


Applications for participation in the Competition can be submitted by students, postgraduates, entrepreneurs, scientists and employees of higher educational and research institutions, as well as other individuals from all regions of Ukraine.


Priority areas of research, which will be taken to account while considering the applications:

  • Technologies for creating means of destruction and protection against them
  • Information technologies
  • Optical technologies
  • Chemical technologies
  • Materials science technologies
  • Radio Electronics Element Base Technologies
  • Positioning and navigation technologies
  • Tactical medicine technologies
  • Aviation and space technologies