Vic Korsun.

Chairman of the juri.

Research Manager, Associate Vice President of Technology Transfer at Drexel University and Hahnemann Medical MCP. Vice President of the David Sarnoff Research Center. (USA)

Bogdan Andryushchenko.

Deputy Director of the Ukrainian-Chinese Center for Engineering Innovation. 

Gregory Jarosch.

Trend Consulting (Australia)

Igor Lentsov.

PhD, Vice-rector of Priazovsky State Technical University.

Dr. Mustafa Babanli

PhD, Rector of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. (Azerbaijan)

Dr. Mykhailo Turchanin

PhD, Professor, Vice-rector of Donbass State Machine-Building Academy.

Sergii Maulik.

National Science-Technological Association of Ukraine.

Chang Shi Сhao.

Zhejiang Golden Egg Science and Technology (China).

Director of the Ukrainian-Chinese Center for Engineering Innovation.

Derek Eberhart.

Associate Vice President for Research, Executive Director Innovation Gateway (USA)

Alexander Lobanov.

USP Capital Ventures Venture Fund.

Olga Rudenko.

Academician Mikhalevich Venture fund.

Andrew Fialkovsky.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Progresstech Ukraine

Eugene Udod.

Member of the Executive Committee of the Kryvyi Rih City Council.

Coordinator of the development program of the city of Kryvyi Rih.

Oleksiy Stepin.

Director of «Boeing-Ukraine»

John P. DesRosier.

US-Ukraine Foundation Biotech Initiative.

Programs and Executive Director at the Life Sciences Discovery Fund, a Washington State technology development fund. (USA)

Konstantin Koval.

PhD, Vinnytsia National Technical University.

Нead of Vinnytsia Startup School Sikorsky Challenge.

Andrew Bondar.

Innovation Manager of DTEK Company.

Ivchenko Victor.

Scientific and Technological Association of Ukraine.

Dr. Boris Todurov.

Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Director of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Roman Romanov.

Member of the Union of Small, Medium and Privatized Enterprises of Ukraine.

Anastasia Romanova.

Founder of Mosquito Control.

Dr. Vlad E. Genin.

PhD, Professor of Management and Engineering, General Editor, Stanford University book "Anatomy of Defense Conversion", f. Program Chief, Morrison Institute, Stanford University, Fulbright Specialist, Chair, School of Business/IT, University of Phoenix/Silicon Valley, Plenipotentiary Representative of Higher Education Academy of Sciences to the U.N., Executive Advisor to President, National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" on startups and innovative online/hybrid education. (USA)

Dr. Sergiy Minko.

Professor in Fiber and Polymer Science with joint appointments in the Department of Textiles and Department of Chemistry, the University of Georgia, Athens. (USA)

David Arie.

CEO and Founder

Transfotech LTD. Chairman of the Board of the NGO" High Tech Embassy "(Israel)

Svetlana Sivitska.

PhD, Vice-Rector of National University «Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic»