Institute of Advanced Defense Technologies


The Institute for Advanced Defense Technologies of the Scientific and Research Department of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" is a structural unit of KPI, operates within the All-Ukrainian Innovation Ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine", and conducts analytical, expert, scientific and technical activities in the areas of national security and defense capabilities of the state.


The priority activities of the Institute include expert, analytical, research, design, innovation, competitive activities in the field of R&D commercialization and organization of competitive procedures.


The institute provides coordination of research and development on the main topics: 

  • defense research in the field of creating new technologies and devices on new physical principles, energy systems, new materials and biotechnology, methods and tools of applied and computational mathematics, medical and biological means of protection, biomedical technologies; 
  • robotic platforms and complexes and systems of artificial intelligence in the field of adaptive platforms and architectures, including universal robotic software platforms based on artificial intelligence systems, modular hardware, multifunctional information systems and development and design tools; 
  • research of complex interdisciplinary problems with the use of systems analysis as an applied scientific methodology. Practical application of methods of formalization of system tasks and their reduction to the resolvable form in real conditions, taking into account conflicting goals, quantitative and qualitative characteristics of information, various uncertainties and risks. Identification of conceptual uncertainties and development of strategies for systemic interaction or counteraction to coalitions under conditions of multifactorial risks; 
  • information technologies - information systems of monitoring and management, technologies of high-performance calculations, intellectual analysis of big data sets, methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning, pattern recognition systems, cognitive systems of machine translation; 
  • microsystem technologies of electronics, photonics, micromechanical systems, promising architecture of integrated circuits and algorithms of distributed data storage; 
  • strategic technologies - communication systems, means of protection of information networks, means of electronic warfare (EW), resistance of systems to cyber-attacks, systems of detection of masked targets based on new physical principles, energy saving and alternative energy sources; 
  • tactical technologies - modern high-precision weapons systems, laser weapons, unmanned weapons based on air, space, ground and sea platforms, advanced space monitoring and control systems. 

The basis for the application of the results of the scientific and research activities of the institute are the clusters of SC “Ukroboronprom”.