Appendix 2

to the Regulations on the Competition of 

Innovative Startup Projects “Sikorsky Challenge 2023” 

The procedure of creation and operation of the Expert Council of the  Innovative Startup Projects Competition “Sikorsky Challenge 2023”


1. Purpose of activity, rights and duties of the Expert Council of the Innovative Startup Projects Competition “Sikorsky Challenge-2023”


1.1. This Procedure defines the procedure for creating and organizing the operation of the Expert Council of the Innovative Startup Projects Competition “Sikorsky Challenge-2023” (hereinafter referred to as the Expert Council), as well as the conditions of its activity during the preparation for the Festival of Innovation Projects “Sikorsky Challenge 2023” (hereinafter referred to as the Festival). 


1.2. The Expert Council is a collegial advisory body operating within the framework of the concept of the Innovation Ecosystem “Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine” and the Regulations of the Innovative Startup Projects Competition “Sikorsky Challenge-2023” (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations).


1.3. The purpose of the activity of the Expert Council is to ensure the assessment of projects submitted by Applicants for competitive selection with the aim of participating in the finals of the Innovative Startup Projects Competition “Sikorsky Challenge-2023” (hereinafter referred to as the Competition), which is provided for in the Regulations.


1.4. The Expert Council includes representatives of universities, specialists of specialized enterprises, institutions and organizations, representatives of investment companies, businesspersons with practical experience of working with startups. The staff of the Expert Council is approved by the Organizing Committee of the Competition  (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee).


1.5.The members of the Expert Council have the right to:


- request and receive additional information on the projects;

- express their opinion, suggestions, comments on issues related to the Applicants' projects.


1.6. The members of the Expert Council are obliged to:


- consider applications submitted for participation in the Competition;

- evaluate projects according to the methodology of the Organizing Committee and provide recommendations regarding the project's entry into the finals of the Competition;

- carry out evaluations personally, adhere to the principles of honesty and objectivity during project evaluations;

- not to disclose information that became known during the consideration of projects and additional materials;

- not to interfere in any way in the evaluation of projects by other members of the Expert Council;

- prevent potential and actual conflicts of interest during project evaluation;

- act in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.


1.7. By decision of the Organizing Committee, an expert may be excluded from the Expert Council in the event of:

- non-fulfillment of the duties assigned to him;

- termination of powers at the expert's own will;

- entry into force of the court's guilty verdict against him;

- entry into force of a court decision on recognizing him as limited or incapacitated;

- violation of the norms of the Laws of Ukraine during the assessment of projects;


2. The procedure for creating the Expert Council   


2.1. The staff of the Expert Council is formed from the number of experts included in the list of experts.


2.2. To form a list of experts, a registration form for experts of the Startup Competition is published on the website of the Innovation Ecosystem “Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine”. 


2.3. The Organizing Committee of the Festival accepts the applications of candidates for participation in the Expert Council and, after consideration, makes a decision regarding the candidate.


2.4. From the number of experts of the Expert Council, specialized expert groups are formed, which will work with projects in their fields


2.5. A personal identifier is assigned to each expert who is a member of the Expert Council to ensure his/her work with electronic project databases.

3. Terms and conditions of the Expert Council operation


3.1. Organizational support of the activities of the Expert Council is carried out by the Organizing Committee, namely:

- accept Applications from Applicants and additional materials for projects submitted for review and evaluation by the International Expert Council;

- develop a methodology for evaluating applications by experts;

- organize communication and electronic interaction between the International Expert Council and the Organizing Committee;

- account in electronic form expert opinions on projects;

- store electronic documents received from Applicants during the work of the Expert Council.


3.2. Accounting of expert opinions on projects is carried out using an electronic system that provides statistical processing of expert data in accordance with the methodology of the Organizing Committee.


3.3. The Expert Council analyzes and forms reports on the Applicants' projects in terms of input data (according to the Regulations) and gives recommendations regarding the project's participation in the finals of the Competition.


3.4. The decision of the Expert Council on each project is formed by an electronic system based on the individual recommendations of the involved experts.


3.5. The Expert Council does not carry out further evaluation of projects that did not reach the final of the Competition. The reason for refusal is not explained to the Applicants.


3.6. The work of the members of the Expert Council on project evaluation is not paid, but is carried out on a charitable basis.


3.7. After the Festival, members of the Expert Council receive Diplomas of Festival participants as experts.